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Nicola Ferrari
Cloud Infrastructure Line Manager @ beSharp and AWS authorized instructor champion.I live my life one level at a time getting superpowers by collecting caffeine hidden here and there in my daily map. I’m a hardened internet surfer (yes, I surfed the whole internet… twice!) and tech-addicted with a passion for computers and networking. Building great IT things all nice and tidy contribute to achieving my main goal: the pursuit of perfection!

It’s no longer just a quote, but a mantra: “Everything fails, all the time” – Werner Vogels  This principle has […]

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N. Ferrari - S. Merlini - 22 July 2022

Our previous articles discussed what a Landing Zone is and why it is important for any company to implement. Then, […]

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N. Ferrari - S. Merlini - 08 July 2022

In the previous article, we explained what a Landing Zone is and focused on some basic notions on how to […]

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