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Single-sign-on with G Suite on the Amazon Web Services console

Scritto da Simone Merlini - 7 April 2017

Which AWS console user has never run into the age-old problem of managing multiple users on multiple accounts, having to create different IAM users — with complex passwords for each of them — on top of the highly fundamental (but, let’s be honest, decidedly inconvenient) two-factor-authentication? And on the topic of two-factor-authentication, assuming that you don’t want to use a dedicated […]


Full stack Continuous Delivery on AWS

Scritto da Simone Merlini - 10 March 2017

AWS DevOps With the launch of CodeBuild last November on the stage of re:Invent, AWS added the missing puzzle piece to the suite of software development lifecycle management tools. We were there, and this was all we had been waiting for to be able to get to work and implement a Continuous Delivery system entirely based on services operated […]


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