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AWS re:Inevent 2019: takeways and final toughts.

Written by beSharp - 18 December 2019

AWS re:Invent 2019 is over.  One week has passed since the end of the most important Cloud event of the year, and I had time to recover from jet lag, to partially fix the scary e-mail backlog which only a week-long conference can produce, and even to have some fun along the Pacific Ocean together […]


SaaS Enablement: from mono-tenant to multi-tenant

Written by beSharp - 13 December 2019

Welcome back to our series of blog posts dedicated to SaaS Enablement. After our deep-dive about refactoring a monolith into microservices, here we’ll discuss why a SaaS model definitely requires a multi-tenant approach and which are the best practices to implement it efficiently at scale. Introduction Today more than ever, patterns like SaaS are essential […]


Writing microservices, the right way.

Written by beSharp - 29 November 2019

In this final article of our 3 part analysis (you can read here the first part and the second part) on how to break down a Monolithic application we will exploit some insights on how a microservice can be created from an existing one, what can we do to solve problems related to legacy code […]


Turning monoliths into microservices: tips and tricks

Written by beSharp - 15 November 2019

In the first article of our 3 part journey on how to break down a Monolithic application we have started talking about the advantages of a distributed application composed of microservices over a monolithic one. In this second part, we will start approaching techniques and tips to help you overcome the migration process in a […]


Break the Monolith into microservices like a pro: our guide to a (almost) seamless transition

Written by beSharp - 31 October 2019

As applications grow in time, adding new features, with complex logic, many different interactions and coupling between components, it becomes very difficult to deal with them and so companies are driven to try and break them into small, manageable and reusable parts, built around business capabilities, microservices.  Within a microservices architecture, each application component runs […]


beSharp achieves the AWS DevOps Competency Status

Written by beSharp - 23 October 2019

23/10/2019 – beSharp, an Italian Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency status in the AWS Partner Network (APN) Competency Program. This designation recognizes that beSharp is able to provide proven technology and deep expertise, helping customers implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices […]


Amazon Aurora Serverless scaling driven by application metrics

Written by beSharp - 18 October 2019

Nowadays cloud architectures are more serverless than ever before.  We deploy our products using CloudFormation templates and deployment scripts, and the ideal architecture has no servers to maintain. We leverage serverless storage like Amazon S3, serverless computing power such as Amazon Lambda, why not using a serverless RDBMS? In August 2018 AWS released Aurora Serverless, […]


Autoscaling like a pro: how to use EC2 Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hooks, the right way.

Written by beSharp - 4 October 2019

Have you ever found it useful to access an EC2 instance, belonging to an Auto Scaling Group, to configure it or to simply get an idea of what went wrong before an unexpected termination? Well, in those cases EC2 Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hooks come in handy. In this article, we will give you a deep […]


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