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AWS training partner

beSharp has achieved the AWS Partner Network (APN) Training Partner status

Written by beSharp - 15 April 2020

09/01/2020 – beSharp and Cegeka Italia today announced that they will team up to deliver AWS Classroom Training to learners in Italy. beSharp, AWS APN Advanced Consulting Partner, has joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) Training Partner Program and will collaborate with Cegeka Italia to deliver training developed by AWS. beSharp is an Italian IT […]

ully automated CD pipeline for an Angular

How to make a fully automated CD pipeline for an Angular frontend application

Written by beSharp - 3 April 2020

We have already written about Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration several times, most of them mainly focused on the backend part of an application. Of course, web applications also require a front-end, thus, making the deployment process of the front-end agile and fast is crucial for the success of a project.  In this article, we want to […]


A comprehensive analysis of AWS Lambda function: optimize spikes and prevent cold starts

Written by beSharp - 20 March 2020

When it comes to Serverless, many are the aspects that we have to keep in mind to avoid latency and produce better, more reliable and robust applications. In this article, we will discuss many aspects we need to keep in mind when developing through AWS Lambda, how we can avoid common problems and how to […]


How to create and maintain an AWS serverless infrastructure with Troposphere and CodePipeline

Written by beSharp - 6 March 2020

Serverless AWS infrastructures often provide huge advantages with respect to “classic” EC2 based AWS infrastructures as one can easily understand considering, for example, a basic Serverless web application developed using AWS Lambda (backend), DynamoDB (database), Cognito (Authentication) and S3 – CloudFront (Angular single page application). An application like this will scale automatically adapting to every […]


How to create a serverless payment system using Stripe and AWS Lambda

Written by beSharp - 21 February 2020

We are in the online shopping epoch and the implementation of the online payment methods into cloud-native apps is becoming an increasing need for the market. As we can guess, managing payments into our business flow requires a secure and reliable infrastructure, that can guarantee the privacy and the consistency of data and transactions. The […]


Troposphere: a better way to build, manage and maintain a Cloudformation based infrastructure on AWS

Written by beSharp - 7 February 2020

Nowadays most of the modern SaaS applications are developed and deployed on Cloud providers and, in particular, Amazon Web Service, the first real Cloud provider, took and held the lead of this market due to the quality and the flexibility of its services.  AWS hosted Cloud Infrastructures keep getting larger and more complex with time […]


Decoupling services using SQS as a Lambda Trigger

Written by beSharp - 24 January 2020

Design a microservices-based application presents some challenges such as service discovery, standardize internal cross-service communication, services synchronization, and much more. One of the most common scenarios is the decoupling of two services when the first relies on the other one to asynchronously process some data. We can solve these kinds of problems using a classic […]


Stateful vs. Stateless: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Written by beSharp - 30 December 2019

Stateful vs. Stateless: the good, the bad and the ugly In the era of SaaS services, building stateless microservices seems to be the only way to achieve success. But is that true? And is it always possible to design a stateless service? In this article, we will cover the fundamental differences between stateful and stateless […]


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