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Amazon Cognito: Authentication managed by means of Single Sign-On

Scritto da beSharp - 30 August 2019

One of the most recurring features in web and mobile applications is certainly user authentication; being able to off-load the responsibilities related to user authentication management greatly increases the resilience of the solutions implemented and the speed of development.  The use of managed services allows the development team to automate and make more resilient critical […]


Let’s create a serverless notification system with Amazon API Gateway

Scritto da beSharp - 30 August 2019

In recent years, the widespread diffusion of Cloud computing has led to a massive adoption of the “microservices” application development paradigm. Refactoring of monolithic applications in microservices allows getting the most out of some intrinsic features of the Cloud itself, including the use of many “managed” services, useful for delegating to the Cloud provider the […]


Writing microservices, the right way.

Scritto da beSharp - 21 June 2019

In this final article of our 3 part analysis on how to break down a Monolithic application we will exploit some insights on how a microservice can be created from an existing one, what can we do to solve problems related to legacy code with high toxicity and in general what rules can be applied […]


DeepRacer: our journey to the top ten!

Scritto da beSharp - 18 June 2019

In the last few years, Las Vegas has become the reference point for AWS Cloud events. We have seen first-hand re:Invent grow from 6,000 participants in 2012 to over 40,000 last year. An immense event, in which it has become difficult to simply choose the sessions in which to participate! It must also be for this […]


Turning monoliths into microservices: tips and tricks

Scritto da beSharp - 7 June 2019

In the first article of our 3 part journey on how to break down a Monolithic application we have started talking about the advantages of a distributed application composed of microservices over a monolithic one. In this second part, we will start approaching techniques and tips to help you overcome the migration process in a […]


Amazon Alexa: Anatomy of a Skill

Scritto da beSharp - 31 May 2019

How many of you have an Alexa-enabled device or a voice assistant? These devices create a way of interacting with services and applications that are completely different from what we are used to. Through Alexa, Amazon has become one of the main players in a real revolution of user experience. In this article, we will […]


Break the Monolith into microservices like a pro: our guide to a (almost) seamless transition

Scritto da beSharp - 24 May 2019

As applications grow in time, adding new features, with complex logic, many different interactions and coupling between components, it becomes very difficult to deal with them and so companies are driven to try and break them into small, manageable and reusable parts, built around business capabilities, microservices.  Within a microservices architecture, each application component runs […]


How to create flexible CI/CD Pipeline on AWS with Fargate and SQS

Scritto da beSharp - 4 May 2019

17The use of Pipeline for automatic code deployment is now an almost essential feature of every development project in the Cloud, as the concept of scalable architecture requires that virtual machines (or containers), which are started on the Cloud to manage traffic spikes use the most up-to-date version of the code. Furthermore, the creation of an […]


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