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beSharp achieves the AWS DevOps Competency Status

Scritto da beSharp - 23 October 2019

23/10/2019 – beSharp, an Italian Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, announced today that it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps Competency status in the AWS Partner Network (APN) Competency Program. This designation recognizes that beSharp is able to provide proven technology and deep expertise, helping customers implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices […]


Amazon Aurora Serverless scaling driven by application metrics

Scritto da beSharp - 18 October 2019

Nowadays cloud architectures are more serverless than ever before.  We deploy our products using CloudFormation templates and deployment scripts, and the ideal architecture has no servers to maintain. We leverage serverless storage like Amazon S3, serverless computing power such as Amazon Lambda, why not using a serverless RDBMS? In August 2018 AWS released Aurora Serverless, […]


Autoscaling like a pro: how to use EC2 Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hooks, the right way.

Scritto da beSharp - 4 October 2019

Have you ever found it useful to access an EC2 instance, belonging to an Auto Scaling Group, to configure it or to simply get an idea of what went wrong before an unexpected termination? Well, in those cases EC2 Auto Scaling Lifecycle Hooks come in handy. In this article, we will give you a deep […]


Machine Learning on AWS: How to create and deploy a ML backed service with AWS SageMaker

Scritto da beSharp - 20 September 2019

In the last decade, the way we deal with and manage information dramatically changed due to two main reasons: on the one hand, the cost of data storage is becoming lower and lower, mainly due to the broad adoption and spread of public cloud services; on the other, thanks to the ubiquitous use of ERPs, […]


Developing a DevOps tool for SSO with G Suite on AWS

Scritto da beSharp - 10 September 2019

How many little repetitive things do you do every day in your AWS Developer job? And how many different AWS accounts to deal with? Also, how many huge problems could spin-off from small tasks like identity and access management and credential rotation? We guess a lot because we got stuck in the same way in […]


Amazon Cognito: Authentication managed by means of Single Sign-On

Scritto da beSharp - 30 August 2019

One of the most recurring features in web and mobile applications is certainly user authentication; being able to off-load the responsibilities related to user authentication management greatly increases the resilience of the solutions implemented and the speed of development.  The use of managed services allows the development team to automate and make more resilient critical […]


Let’s create a serverless notification system with Amazon API Gateway

Scritto da beSharp - 30 August 2019

In recent years, the widespread diffusion of Cloud computing has led to a massive adoption of the “microservices” application development paradigm. Refactoring of monolithic applications in microservices allows getting the most out of some intrinsic features of the Cloud itself, including the use of many “managed” services, useful for delegating to the Cloud provider the […]


Writing microservices, the right way.

Scritto da beSharp - 21 June 2019

In this final article of our 3 part analysis on how to break down a Monolithic application we will exploit some insights on how a microservice can be created from an existing one, what can we do to solve problems related to legacy code with high toxicity and in general what rules can be applied […]


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