beSharp - 26 November 2020

In the latest years, the engineering, governance, and analysis of data has become a very common talking point. The need […]

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beSharp - 30 October 2020

Continuous Deployment is nowadays a well-known strategy for releasing software where any commit that passes the automated testing phase is […]

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beSharp - 16 October 2020

Microservices architecture has now become a leading pattern in many software projects. Thanks to its enormous advantages in terms of […]

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beSharp - 02 October 2020

GitLab has become a widely used DevOps tool as it packs a lot of features into a single service. It […]

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beSharp - 23 July 2020

Nowadays, using Docker as an infrastructure container for local testing purposes is becoming more and more common. Many times developers […]

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beSharp - 26 June 2020

Introduction Binomial services CloudFront and S3 are nowadays part of consolidated practices for many companies that have the necessity of […]

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beSharp - 12 June 2020

We are in the middle of the serverless age, in a moment where the advantages of this approach become more […]

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beSharp - 18 October 2019

Nowadays cloud architectures are more serverless than ever before.  We deploy our products using CloudFormation templates and deployment scripts, and […]

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