CATEGORY: AWS Native Development

Eric Villa - 08 January 2021

This article was originally published on Hashnode. During the last AWS re:Invent, AWS made one of the most discussed announcement, […]

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beSharp - 11 December 2020

With the Internet of Things quickly becoming a thing of the present (rather of the future…) the number of devices […]

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beSharp - 18 September 2020

As described in the OAuth 2.0 specifications, we can authenticate a client that presents a valid Client Id and Client […]

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beSharp - 04 September 2020

Nowadays Flutter is becoming more and more recognized as a viable solution for making mobile cross-platform applications. Also, AWS Amplify […]

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beSharp - 21 August 2020

On Amazon Web Services the Serverless computational service par excellence remains Lambda, a must-have service when talking about this paradigm. […]

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beSharp - 10 August 2020

AWS Lambda Functions as a Service (FaaS) have quickly become the Swiss Army knife of the AWS cloud DevOps since […]

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beSharp - 21 February 2020

We are in the online shopping epoch and the implementation of the online payment methods into cloud-native apps is becoming […]

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beSharp - 12 July 2019

In recent years, the widespread diffusion of Cloud computing has led to a massive adoption of the “microservices” application development […]

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